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Pampered Pomeranian

A dog may be a man`s best friend ,
but a child`s best friend is a puppy. 
Dogs are not our whole life,
but make our lives whole.
                ~Roger Caras
The best way to get a puppy is to beg for a baby brother --
and they`ll settle for a puppy every time.  ~ Winston Pendelton
I hope my tongue in prune juice smothers
if  I belittle dogs and mothers. ~ Ogden Nash

Lovingly raised by Janelle

Feed your puppy only the BEST !

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Contract/Health Guarantee
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Past Sold Puppies or my adults below this line
Sold to Nina , Maryland
Sold to The Adams
Tiny Black Girl 
3-4 lbs Grown  $1250 Pet Only
Ready around June 15, 2011

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Breeder is Janelle Newby and no one else.Your puppy is examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to leaving here and is in good health before coming to you.Breeder is not responsible for any expenses occurring after a puppy leaves breeders possession. Buyer is responsible to read and comply to this contract/ guarantee prior to buying a puppy.This contract / health guarantee is between breeder and buyer only.
Testicles are dropped and verified by vet before sending puppy ,buyer can verify both testicles are dropped after receiving puppy with their vet , breeder is not responsible if testicles go back up latter in dogs life, I only guarantee they are there when you get your puppy.Your puppy is checked and free of heart murmur.The knees (petelas) are checked by my vet prior to leaving and buyer has 72 hours to verify knees (petelas) are good.If Knees (petelas) change latter in dogs life ,breeder is not responsible since this can happen due to an injury.
The buyer has 72 hours to verify with their vet that all checks good, if latter in dogs
life the dog has a genetic problem with in 1 year then the vet needs to write a letter
stating problem ,send it to the breeder,the breeder will replace the puppy with 
another puppy.If a puppy were to die in buyers possession an autopsy is required 
done by a licensed vet and if the autopsy shows the puppy died of a genetic problem
the breeder replaces the puppy with another puppy once a copy of the autopsy is
given to the breeder.Refund of puppy purchase price is only done with in 7 days of
purchase and puppy and can only be sent back if there is a genetic health issue,the puppy is sent back to breeder with a letter stating the health issue from a vet, refund will be done after the vet letter is given to me.Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges. Hypoglycemia is not genetic and can be prevented.I give estimates on size puppy will be full grown but there is no guarantee on full grown size.Contract/Guarantee is for buyer only and void if puppy leaves buyers possession. This contract/guarantee applies to every puppy or dog I sell and they are covered by everything written here, no less ,no more.My goal with every puppy is for my customer to get more than they expected with a quality/healthy puppy. If there were ever a dispute and buyer took breeder to court this would need to take place in breeders city,state.Failure to comply with any of this contract/guarantee will void contract/guarantee.Contract/Health guarantee is until puppy is 1 year/or 2 years if you keep your puppy on Life`s Abundance ,which is what they are fed here before coming to you.If you purchase a puppy/dog and before the puppy leaves you decide you dont want the puppy/dog I will not do a refund, but if there is a good reason you have changed your mind I will allow the customer to get a future puppy/dog for the same value.
Tiny Black Girl, Coby,BabyDoll Face,Thick Coat,Show Quality
3-4 lbs Grown $1250 Pet Ready
 Nov 12,2012

Black/Tan Girl, Show 
Est 5-6 lbs Grown, Coby, Thick 
Coat. $1250 Pet 
Sold to Kelly
Sold to Deana
Blue Merle Girl
Est 4 lb Grown ~ $1500

Sold to Sarah

Tiny Black Pom Girl
Est 4-5 lb Grown
$1250 Pet Only
Black/Tan Pom Girl
Est 6 lb Grown
$1200 Pet only
Please call before 
texts or emails

~ All parents I own are purebred and AKC registered. All puppies are sold as Pets to Love on only ~
Tiny Cream Sable Girl
Est 4-5 lb Grown
$1250 Pet Only
Call before texts or emails please
Sold to David
Sold to Andrea
Sold to Jamie
Tiny Blue Merle Boy
Est 4-5 lb Grown 
$975 Pet Only

Tiny Sable Girl
Est 4-5 lb Grown
$975 Pet Only