Imported from Germany

The Biewer Yorkie originated in Germany in 1984 and was a piebald genetic recessive gene occurance offspring produced by Gertrude & Werner Biewer`s Yorkshire Terriers.The sire and dam of the first recognized Biewer Yorkie were " Darling of Friedheck" and "Frufru of Friefieck"

The Biewer`s saw the little dog with its white markings as extraordinarily attractive and began the selective breeding
process to produce more.The Biewer`s named these little dogs  "Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom Pon" . Thus the beginning 
of the Biewer Yorkies as we know them today.

History of the Biewer Yorkie

Past Sold Puppies
Baby Doll
Lovingly Raised by  Janelle                               
Ceasur`s mother "Yolanda Vorn Klosterhof "   is 5 times Best in Show in Germany
Tiquila Von El Cassius Dio
All puppies are sold as pets only 
If looking for breeding it has to pre-approved prior to purchase.
My 2 Biro Biewer Girls 

Biro carrier Stud ~ 5 3/4 lb
2 yr old Proven Stud, carries chocolate gene and has produced chocolate babies.
IBC registered

Mom 5.5 lb Biro
Father 5.5 lb Biewer
Enchanted Suri of Xtreme 
Baby Pic
4.5 lb Grown
Sir Ghiradelli
Lady Godiva Choclatair
4 lb Chocolate Girl
Chocolate carrier Biewer Girl

Sir Charleston
Chocolate that carries parti
Son of Irish & Ghiradelli
4 lbs
Irish & Isabel
& Biro
Sir Bentley Brown

Lives with Tamara Maples
Burlesque N Bows
Biro Biewer Yorkie Stud, 4 lbs

​Biro Biewer Yorkie Girl, 6.5 lbs
Bows has her first litter above
4 lb Stud
Stunning 5 lb Dark Chocolate/White Biro Yorkie Girl
Dixie D Lite
Newbys Burberry Blue
Very Rare Biewer Yorkie with Blue Eyes !
Look for his Blue-Eyed Babies in 2014

Small Dark Chocolate Boy
10 months old, Full Grown 4 lb
$850 Pet or $1250 Registered for Breeding ~ Carries Parti

Very Tiny Biewer Yorkie Girl
 $1500 Pet
Est 3 1/2 lb Grown.
Babydoll Face
CoCo Bean
Tiny Dark Chocolate/Tan Boy
Est 3 1/2 lb Grown ~ $750 Pet Only

Biro White/Chocolate Yorkie Girl
Green/Gold Eyes,Thick Coat
$975 Pet / $1500 Registered 
for Breeding.Est 5 lb grown
Sold to Tiger

Sold to Jo
Sold to Jeanne
Sold to Bertok Family
 Black/Tan Boy
Est 3-4 lb grown
$750 Pet or $1200 Breeding
Chocolate/Tan Girl 
BabyDoll Face ~Thick Coat
Est 4-5 lb Grown
$1350 Pet or $1850 Registered for Breeding.Updated Pic & Ready for her home

Sold to Kim
Chocolate/Tan Boy~ Est 4 lb Grown
TeddyBear Face, Short Muzzle
$1000 Pet or $1500 Registered for breeding

Black/Tan/White Girl
Est 4-5 Lb Grown
$1200 Pet or $1600 Registered for breeding

Chocolate/White Boy
TeddyBear Fae & Thick Coat
Est 4-5 lb Grown
$975 Pet or $1350 Registered 
for breeding.Update Pic and Ready 
now for his home.
Sold to Bill 
Sold to Mary
Tiny Chocolate/White Yorkie Girl
Est 3-4 lb Grown.
$1250 Pet only.Ready May 24,2017
Accepting Deposit to Hold